Gabriel Bauret born in 1951 in Paris, France; studied semiotics under Roland Barthes at the University of Paris; in 1980, editor of the original French edition of Zoom magazine; co-founder of Camera International and editor-in-chief for nine years; exhibition curator and photography critic and essayist; lectures on aesthetics of photography at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris; curatorial consultant and writer for the exhibit, "Li Zhensheng, un photographe chinois dans la revolution culturelle."

Dominique Deschavanne born in 1952 in Lyon, France; studied journalism in Paris; freelanced as a writer on photography for various publications; in 1982 joined the photo department of the daily newspaper Libération; office director of Contact Press Images in Paris since 1995; coordinated all French aspects of the book and exhibition, including research, translations, chronology, and bios.

Carma Hinton born to American parents and raised in China until 1971; graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, 1976; documentary filmmaker; directed "The Gate of Heavenly Peace" about the 1989 student uprising at Tiananmen Square in 1995; directed "Morning Sun" in 2003 about the Cultural Revolution for Arte, the French-German TV channel; historical consultant for the Red-Color News Soldier project.

Jiang Rong born in 1962 in Fuzhou, China; graduate from Shanghai's University of Foreign Studies in 1982; since 1989 has been working at the United Nations headquarters in New York as an interpreter; was general coordinator and main Chinese-English interpreter and translator for the entire Red-Color News Soldier project.

Li Xiaobing born in 1972 in Harbin, China; graduate from the Journalism Department of China's Renmin University in Beijing; currently works in New York City; oversaw all caption research and translation for the book.

Tim Mapp born in 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA; graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in history; earned a degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology; head of new technology at Contact Press Images since 1999; supervised all production matters of the book and exhibition.

Jacques Menasche born in 1964 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA; began his career in journalism as a desk clerk at The New York Times; has since written on AIDS in Africa, and the conflict in the Middle East; his firsthand account of the attacks on the world trade center on 9-11 was published in NewYorkSeptemberElevenTwoThousandandOne (de.Mo 2001) and in Eleven: Witnessing the World Trade Center 1974-2001 (Universe Publishing/Rizzoli International 2002); reported for the New York Daily News from the war in Afghanistan in November, 2001; author of Li's personal account, and general texts in Red-Color News Soldier.

Robert Pledge born in 1942 in London, UK; studied West-African languages in Paris, France; started as a journalist specialized in African affairs; co-founded Contact Press Images with David Burnett in New York in 1976, opened a Paris office in 1990; has originated and curated numerous exhibitions around the world, including "Contact: Photojournalism Since Vietnam" in 1987, among the first major contemporary Western photojournalism exhibits to appear in the People's Republic of China; has produced a dozen photography books and catalogues related to photography and history; conceived and directed the project, curated the exhibit and edited the book.

Jonathan D. Spence born in 1936 in the UK; Sterling Professor of History at Yale University; recipient of many awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship (1979), the Los Angeles Times History Prize (1982), and the MacArthur Fellowship (1988); one of the foremost experts on China, is the author of numerous books on Chinese history including The Search for Modern China (W.W. Norton, 1991), Mao Zedong (Penguin Lives Series, 1999); Treason by the Book (Viking Press, 2001); author of the introduction for Red-Color News Soldier.

Wang Gang (Peter Wang) born 1958 in Beijing, China; graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts in 1984, post-graduate work in photography at NYU; president of Redstone Inc., a New York-based digital imaging company; produced all high-resolution scans of Li Zhensheng's images for the exhibition and the book.

Zhang Aiping born in 1908 in the southwestern province of Sichuan, China; died July 2003 in Beijing; joined the Red Army in 1929 and took part in the Long March with Mao Zedong; was awarded the rank of general in 1955; oversaw China's atomic and nuclear program; denounced during the Cultural Revolution and spent five years in detention; rehabilitated, became vice-premier then defense minister of the PRC under Deng Xiaoping; a serious amateur photographer, he was defined as carrying "a rifle on one shoulder, a camera on the other"; author of the opening calligraphy for Red-Color News Soldier.